Micro and extreme underwear designs that fit like a second skin.

Underwear, swimwear, shorts, sex wear sometimes it is all the same thing when it comes to extreme designs. Many men will wear a bikini or thong that is made for the beach as underwear because they fit so well and are of incredible quality when it comes from the made in the USA designs from the spandex freaks at Koala located in Los Angeles. Awesome cock wear, anal suits, sex play wear, micro workout attire and so much more. These extreme creations are shipped world wide because we know spandex freaks are everywhere!

About Us

We are here for you. We are lovers of fine men's underwear along with hot swimwear designs. We will be reviewing and test driving the hottest new styles including the newest micro shorts that can be used as underwear or swimwear. I will be sharing my favorites and my mates at men's skimpy underwear will be sharing their favorite designs too. Opening up the new and exciting world of men's high fashion underwear, swimwear and male lingerie is what we are all about. The world will be a better place if we can get more men straight, gay and bi to feel sexy and confident about themselves. We are hardcore enthusiasts and we are here to help all of you from the most seasoned kindred spirits to total underwear neophytes along with everyone one else in between. I hope you enjoy our little fantasy world.

Men's Skimpy Underwear

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