Guys in their twenties and thirties doing a sleep over party on a work night could only be one thing and that is a men’s skimpy underwear party. I am part of a group of guys that have a huge an underwear fetish as I do. We go to bars and watch the male dancers critiquing not only their dance moves but the style underwear they are wearing. We have a sleep over once a month at one of the member’s houses on a rotating basis. The best thing of all is that we are trying to outdo each other all trying to win the prize of the evening for having the sexiest men’s skimpy underwear. It’s very competitive and the prizes are always nice. We all put money in a kitty to buy some cool things and the truth is that we all want to be wearing the hottest undies. I have won it a number of times wearing cock display underwear considered  the most extreme of all designs these awesome creations often show the entire erect penis and sometimes separate the shaft from the balls making a truly amazing display, a game winning display!

Men’s Skimpy Underwear Does Not Really Matter

In thinking about men’s skimpy underwear, some guys feel as if they are being naughty or are worried that someone will come into the men’s room and catch them using the facilities. This just might give the new arrival a glance at that skimpy underwear and embarrass the guy wearing them. First of all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because the other guy should not really be checking out what you have below without your permission or encouragement. If anything, they are the guys who should feel uncomfortable about staring. The thing about wearing skimpy underwear is that it really does not matter one way or the other if you are wearing them. No one is going to see them unless you volunteer to pull down your slacks and show them. It can be your little secret that you walk around the office wearing skimpy underwear. You might just keep a smile on your face every day knowing that there is not anyone who knows what your underwear looks like.

Men’s Skimpy Underwear Just Might Make You Feel Super Sexy

It might be an unknown fact but there are actually such things as men’s skimpy underwear on the market these days. Of course, not all guys choose to wear such underwear as bikini, micro bikini, and thong styles even when they do know of their existence. These men tend to be uncomfortable switching from their lifelong boxers or jockey styles to something like sexy underwear. On the other hand, there are an equal number of men who are happy to switch over to these sexier underwear styles after giving them a fair try. Even briefs can create a sexier look for men whether or not they are ever seen by anyone other than themselves. Sometimes just knowing that you are wearing sexy underwear can put an extra jolt in your step or swagger in your walk. People will notice the change in you even if they do not get a peek at your new, erotic underwear.

I Wear Men’s Skimpy Underwear

One of the best things about wearing men’s skimpy underwear is that no one else knows that is what I have on underneath my clothes. As far as everyone else is concerned, I am wearing a pair of basic boxers and that is as far as it goes. But what they do not get the chance to see is just how skimpy my underwear truly is. I am wearing things that would make a grown man faint and a woman squeal if they ever got the chance to see them. I love the fact that I can walk around in something like this in public and no one notices anything out of the ordinary. I just wish that I could wear them without anything else covering them up, but I am sure that a lot of people around me would have issues with me doing something like that. Maybe one of these days I will get the chance to wear them around people that I really trust in order to see how they would react to them. Until then, I will simply enjoy my men’s skimpy underwear just like this.

Men’s skimpy underwear

Nothing in this world makes me feel sexier than when I am wearing my men’s skimpy underwear out on a date. I even have a lucky pair that I like to wear on second dates because I know that I am going to be showing them off by the end of the night. Deciding to wear underwear like this is not something you should take lightly. If you have ever worn items of this nature before than you know that they make you act a little differently for some reason. It’s almost like wearing men’s skimpy underwear puts a snap in your step and a smile on your lips. Well, that is what it does with me anyway.

Because I am feeling so sexy while I am wearing my underwear, I end up with a bit more confidence. You would be surprised of all the things that I can get away with when my confidence is as high as it is while wearing this type of underwear. But please don’t just take my word for it, get yourself a pair and try them on. You might find yourself falling in love with them just like I did and that will be the beginning of a most wonderful adventure for you.

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